Friday, November 6, 2009

Beauty Solutions: Shine Eraser by E.L.F.

You know I love makeup and that I wear it everyday but I’m not one to carry a train case of makeup around with me when I leave the house. Usually I only have shine erasing sheets like Shine Eraser by E.L.F. and a lip balm. I’ll only bother to carry the lipstick that I’m wearing if I’m using a bold lip red or hot pink lip.

The Shine Eraser sheets absorbs the oil on your face without removing too much makeup along with them. They are made from a woven material that is highly absorbent. Of course you can use them even if you’re not wearing any makeup at all and they will work just the same.

There are lots of brands that sell these and some have translucent powder and some don’t. The ones pictured above don’t, but they do have Green Tea Extract, which helps to improve your skin's conditioning and disguise any small imperfections. Also, if you use it often, it will help to minimize your pores.

To use it, you only need to gently blot where you feel oily or look shiny and you can use both sides of the little sheet if you need to. Powder over it if you want to and you’re ready and shine free.

One last good thing on this product? The price: $1 for 50 sheets. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t miss any zeros in the price.

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