Monday, August 31, 2009

Beauty Solutions: How to Buy Facial Moisturizer

Daily Facial Cleanser

Dermatologists agree: A twice daily dose of moisturizer can make your skin look supple, feel soft, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. But with so many moisturizers doing double duty-hydrating and treating your skin-it's easy to miss what's right for your face's needs. Thankfully, you can save your skin and sanity with these tips. Read on to find the perfect moisturizer to give your skin a radiant, healthy glow 24/7:

TEXTURE: Most moisturizers usually come in these forms: a lotion, a gel or cream. What you need depends on your skin type and preference. If you're oily, then you'll want a lotion that doesn't clog pores or feel greasy. If you're very dry, you'll want a cream that sinks into skin and feels hydrating going on.

FORMULA: The formula you choose is based on your skin type and most moisturizers are labeled that way. Dry? Look for a moisturizer that specifically targets your thirsty skin, usually packed with richer, hydrating ingredients than a formula for normal types. Oily? Focus on an oil-free, noncomedogenic or matte formula that simply adds a touch of hydration without extra oil. Normal? You can try almost any formula just make sure it's not too rich, which can cause pimples.

TREATMENT: Some moisturizers are overachievers; not only do they hydrate, but they also contain special ingredients like peptides and extracts to combat sagging skin, firm up wrinkles and lines, or brighten a dull tone. Some are backed by scientific research or a dermatologist's endorsement. Zero in on your skin's concerns and look at the moisturizer's claims before you make the decision to buy it. Then give it a whirl for at least a month to see significant results.


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