Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beauty Solutions: Lipstick, Lip Liner & Treatment

Devine Goddess Lipstick

To give your lipstick stay-put power, the best trick I have is to apply a thin film of Studio Gear's Lip Primer. This moisture rich primer creates the perfect surface for lipstick and stain to bind to. However, you may find that it is hard to remove your lipstick without Benefit's Gee... That Was Quick! - Makeup Remover!

Vitamin E Stick - For Lips

If you do not need such staying power, use a lip liner in a great color, line and fill in the entire lip, then apply an SPF lip balm, like Neutrogena's Moisture Shine Lip Soother SPF 20, or Lorac's Vitamin E Stick for lips, sheer shimmer gloss, or lipstick. The dryness of the liner "stains" the lip, while whatever you put on top of it will add moisture.

Serious Lip Treatment

Does your lipstick bleed into vertical lines around the mouth? Typically caused by smoking or excessive sun damage, these lines are difficult to eradicate with simple topical products alone. Exfoliation and AHA (and/or topical retinoid) use, microdermabrasion or filler agents are the best way to help these. However, bleeding lipstick will significantly emphasize these ugly lines. MD Skincare's Serious Lip Treatment can help soften the lips and the appearance. This two-step process draws moisture into the lips from the surrounding tissue, resulting in intensely plump and full lips within minutes that can last 4-6 hours. With continued use, long-term benefits are sustained. Gentle exfoliating properties leave a satin finish, which allows for lipstick application immediately following the two-step treatment. If you are still experiencing wandering lip color, you can apply a Borderline Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil to the outside of your lip line.

24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

If lipsticks tend to turn ultra-pink or unsightly orange on you, like they do me, I suggest finding a neutral lip liner somewhat on the brown side, (like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil), and apply it to the entire lip before applying your lipstick. The color of the liner will neutralize your natural lip color and allow for the true lipstick shade to show.

Lip Fusion/Lip Fusion XL Duo

To make lips appear fuller, use a lighter color, or gloss in the center of the bottom lip. Also make sure you line your lips with a product like Fusion Beauty's Lip Fusion/Lip Fusion XL Duo before applying your lip color. Make the most of light and color for creating the illusion of fullness. Using light colors on the mid section of the lower lip helps bring the lip forward. Dark colors on the other hand, give the appearance of making things recede. If you have large lips, and would like to make them less apparent, stay away from light, frosty lipsticks and glosses.

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