Friday, August 7, 2009

Street Walking: A Diva's Secret Shoe Domain

Whoever said good things come to those who wait must have been referring shoe shoppers. Why do we constantly find ourselves associating huge department stores and expensive boutiques carrying limited sizes as a shoe Heaven? And why is it that we’re constantly going above and beyond - traveling miles, breaking our heels just to find a decent shoe store when there’s probably one in our backyard? Ladies if you’re ever in the Brooklyn/ Prospect Park area – listen up because I’ve found a good shoe spot for you (if you're open minded). And it's just steps away from the park, zoo and Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Whenever exiting the Prospect Park Train station I’m always greeted by this huge warehouse called Phat Albert. I must admit from all angles the store front looks completely unappealing and it’s nowhere equivalent to Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth avenue. However, it’s a definitely a shoe spot that you should consider checking out.

In the past few months that I’ve been here, never once have I stepped inside until recently. Everyday I’d walk past this store clueless to the hidden jewels waiting inside. Yesterday while waiting for a friend, I decided to take a look inside and to my amazement I found a shoe jackpot! Ever wondered where all the department store shoes and sandals go when out of season – if you guessed here you’re completely right!

The shoe selection here is quite impressive - BCBG, Blowfish, Anne Klein, Arturo Chiang and Sam Edelman to name a few. The shoes may not be in their correct boxes but it's not a big deal. Did I mention that the prices are completely recession proof; dirt cheap to be exact! I've found inexpensive thongs for as low as $7. With their current promotion you can get 3 pairs for $50 or 1 at $17.50.

This is a store where you'd find yourself covertly indulging in unbelievable shoe bargains without dishing the goods to your friends. Beyond the store's unsightly looks, nonexisting customer service and clutter of items - Phat Albert can easily be a Diva's secret shoe domain. We're still in a recession and you'd find that others could cares less where you purchase your shoes as long as they're authentic, affordable, make you look and feel good - then that's when they'll want to go. I'm always up for a good shoegasm.

Like the old saying goes "If the shoe fits - Wear it"!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"
- Suzanna

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  1. omg. i would go in just because the name of this place is "phat albert." totally going to go the next time i'm in bk.

  2. Oh wow see I soo need to be at that store, i dont mind how a store looks on outside etc etc, im with u give me hot shoes n a great deal and im in. Alot of bigger stores ur payin for brand name and extra foo foo stuff. I love secret good deal stores like this, Thanx for sharing


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