Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beauty Solutions - Anna Sui Collection AN I Lip Palette

When I’m shopping for makeup, there’s always a little voice inside of me saying “Micky, you don’t need another palette. Do not buy this one!” but I’m not obedient enough to do what that voice tells me to. On the plus side of that, lays the fact that I’m able to present my nice finds here on FWF.

This Anna Sui Collection AN I (5 Color Lip Color Palette) for example, is exactly what a girl needs. It has five awesome lipstick shades that are longwearing and glossy, comes with a lip brush and is by Anna Sui. That, of course, means that the packaging is awesome and tasteful. The shades range from a very pale pink to a bright reddish pink.
This palette is perfect for you if your lips aren’t very full. Take one of the darkest shades and apply it inwards, starting from the corners of your mouth. Blend well and then, with either a lighter shade or a shade that is similar to the one you used before but has sparkle or shimmer, fill in the central portion of your lips. Do this on both top and bottom lip and the result will be an irresistable pouty lip look , without the need to over line.
"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"


  1. I like this, the package reminds me of Kat Von D palette.

  2. Hi rayqueenbee! It reminds me Kat von D's palettes too. Maybe it's because it's black and red with roses and that reminds us of some kind of rock chic.


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