Friday, August 28, 2009

Product Review: Sally Hansen's new HD High-Definition Nail Color Collection

When I first saw Sally Hansen's new I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. I mean, Electric Yellow? Teal? Iridescent Purple? Are people really going to wear these colors?

After applying two coats, I instantly realized that Sally Hansen is right; these High-Definition colors are truly the next generation of nail polishes. Using advanced technology to create long-lasting color, these eight polishes (ranging from yellow to purple) will keep their luster while remaining intact longer. The non-sticky formula makes it easy to apply and minimize any mistakes. Also, the iridescent finish give your nails more depth and a major boost of shine. The colors are definitely eye-catching. What's even better is that every shade appears true to it's color. Finally, a nail polish that takes care of all the guess work! Although I had to push myself out of my comfort zone with these mega-watt colors, I'm now proud to call myself a believer! After a careful and thorough review, here are my top four picks. Enjoy!!

This neon green , aptly named 'Hi Def', looks just as bright on my nails as it does in the bottle. It has a nice, subtle sheen and I love how it reflects the light! I plan to wear it with summery floral dresses as long as I can. When the weather gets cooler, the green will add an unexpected pop of color to any outfit!

Lite ,' an intense yellow , might be a bold choice, considering my pale skin, but I just love the lemony, citrus shade ! Again, its a perfect shade for summer. Its also versatile enough to wear anywhere; during any season. This color will pair up perfectly with a flirty slip dress or make a statement with a conservative suit at the office.

This fall I'm officially going to swap out my old, burgundy stand-by polish for 'Pixel Pretty' . Since my winter wardrobe consists of deep, rich-colored sweaters and basic, dark jeans, this teal shade will totally amp up my look! I love how this blue-green color instantly makes my mind wander to warm, tropical oceans....

Always a creature of habit, I have inevitably saved the best for last. I've always been a sucker for hot pink and 'Digital ' definitely takes the cake! It's smooth, non-sticky formula is so easy to apply that I literally finished painting both hands in less than two minutes - which is a major feat in my book! Any product that saves time and looks fabulous will quickly become one of my new favorite obsessions!

Sally Hansen's new colors are definitely a statement worth building an outfit around! And, at only $5.95 a bottle, these polishes are a steal. Look for the complete line of colors at Walgreens . However if you'd like to try your luck, Sally Hansen is having a cool sweepstakes in which you can win not only some of these polishes but also a huge HD TV.


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  1. I luv lov love the way they lQQk! I can see myself wearing these for fall


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