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Beauty Solutions: How to Buy Skin Serum

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Think of a skin serum as your on-call dermatologist: Depending on the formula, one drop can smooth deep wrinkles, tighten saggy skin or give you an even, gorgeous tone. Because a serum is a lightweight fluid, the micro-sized ingredients can easily penetrate skin, which practically guarantees noticeable results. Follow this primer for finding your perfect skin potion, and you'll be on your way to pretty, glowing skin in no time.

Target: A good start is to decide your skin needs. For instance, do you want to reduce fine lines? Help minimize redness? Erase dark spots? Fill in deep wrinkles? Once you zero in on your needs, then you can choose a fformula that works specifically on those areas. If you have more than one skin woe, opt for a serum that can do double-duty.

Ingredients: Skin serums are concentrated concoctions composed of potent active ingredients. Most formulas have one star ingredient or a combination of them; some examples include: antioxidants, peptides, glycolic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid and patented actives. They can help smooth wrinkles, tighten sags and brighten a dull complexion.

Results: Skin serums are known for getting results; that's why companies invest a lot of science and testing in them. They want to assure you that you will see a difference in your skin after repeated use. Look for ones that tout percentages and satisfaction stats, and make your decision based on how quickly and aggressively the serums works, and what kind of changes you can expect.

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