Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People: Cassie's Electro Love

Recently the women of Dime Piece Designs teamed up with Predicate Fashion Faux Pas Offender Cassie to direct the R&B Singer’s photo shoot. Images from the shoot will be featured in Cassie’s Fall 2009 Look Book titled Electro Love which also happens to be the title of her upcoming album.

As I look at the images, I can’t help but to wonder “Is it just me or does Cassie look like a cross dressing Betty Rubble in this shoot… How You Doin?!? Am I the only who thinks Cassie looks completely horrible in these photos - like a character straight out of the Fifth Element Movie?

Everything except for her clothing is completely wrong:

1. Whatever’s left of her hair is too long to put into a bun – I’m aware of the look that they were pulling for; however, it looks better on women with shorter hair I.E. Rhianna.
2. Her eye brows are too thick and cavemen like.
3. Last but not least, her makeup looks rubbish. I’m not sure if they were going for a retro, gothic, or futuristic feel but she's all over the place: messy.

Dwane Wayne flip up glasses – Hated it!

Why is it that such a pretty girl like Cassie puts a lot of effort into looking ugly and busted? According to Dime Piece Designs,

A Dime Piece is a woman who appeals to her audience with genuine swag…… She is educated by the books as well as the streets

If that’s the case, from the look of these pictures Cassie does not symbolize a Dime Piece at all. If I could choose one word to describe her look it would be: Barbaric. Where’s the swag – did she leave her fashion mojo at home AGAIN? Someone please help Cassie find her mojo!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

- Suzanna


  1. Cassie is so pretty, I think I miss her with her long hair! :-D

  2. LMBO, I could not help but to say " soo true" through this article. I dont know what was worse her failed attempt to be unique by shaving her head ( Salt N Peppa did it better) it seems like she has now failed at her attempt to somehow be Rocker/Retro. I thought this whole look was a joke, maybe if you put the clothes on say Rihanna or Amber Rose and it would work, poor Cassie she needs a hug :)


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