Friday, August 28, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway, Season 6, Episode 2

I'll be the first to admit that I've developed an inexplicable pleasure in watching reality TV personalities. There's just something so satisfyingly entertaining in watching real people fight their way - tooth and nail, to the top. Why watch fictional drama when you can capture the real deal on camera for the whole world to see?

On last night’s episode of Project Runway, the intensity ratcheted up a notch when the designers were faced with a rather large challenge. They were asked to design a chic maternity look for supermodel and mom-to-be, Rebecca Romijn, while keeping in mind a tailored and elegant silhouette that would flatter her curves.

While weighing their options, the contestants looked slightly panic stricken, most of whom admitted that they had never created maternity clothing before. But as they buckled down to work, the individuality and creativity of each designer became quickly apparent.

Louise captured the understated glamour of the 1940’s with one of her signature cocktail dresses that the judges agreed displayed excellent craftsmanship and a great attention to detail.

Althea, the Southern Belle from Charleston, SC, used a dark, dramatic blue jersey to create a floor length evening look that was both accentuating and flattering, making her my favorite designer of the night.

And Shirin stole the night with her elegantly draped red dress and a well-tailored coat lined in a fun, complimentary print. With an interesting neckline and gorgeous pleating around the baby bump, Shirin proved that she knows exactly what every pregnant woman craves. The judges all agreed that her dress was the most wearable look of the night and named her the winner of the challenge.

However, the most entertainingly ironic part of the show by far was watching the stick thin models strut down the runway with a disproportionately huge bulge strapped around their waists. As if these women could conceivably carry 30 pounds of dead weight around their midsections as if they were nothing!

The judges finally narrowed it down to the two designers who managed to fall too short of the mark this week. Once again Mitchell found himself in the bottom two after producing a sloppy pair of shorts, in which the judges all agreed they would never wear. Malvin took the challenge a little too literally, using the concept of fertility to create an unflattering white top that was supposed to resemble an egg.

Personally, I was really torn between these two. On the one hand, Mitchell really should have stepped up his game after last week’s disappointment. However, Malvin’s outfit, complete with black feathers that supposedly represented the "mother hen," was just a little too bizarre for my taste.

Had Malvin been able to separate his concept from the construction and create something more relatable; both to the viewers and to the judges, he would have stood a much better chance. In the end, the judges decided to send Malvin home and give Mitchell a third chance... but not without a stern warning from Klum.

Tune in next Thursday at 10 pm to see if he can redeem himself before Klum gives him the boot!

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