Sunday, August 23, 2009

Look Book: Celeb Style With a Twist.

Recently, celebs like Taylor Momsen (photo to you right) and Jessica Simpson have been spotted wearing a pink mini skirts paired with black tank tops and a biker jackets. Even if we try to deny it, we all draw inspiration from what famous people wear every now and then. However, copying a look isn’t much fun if you don’t add your own twist to it so here’s mine.

Go for the dress and the jacket instead of the three pieces outfit. This XOXO Solid Belted Cotton Shift Dress, is definitely all dressed up, which means you can wear this style to on a dinner date at that nice new restaurant. The dress will make your look very well put together and the fact that it is belted gives it a 1950’s glamour feel. To make it more edgy, I opted for a not-so-traditional jacket- the Crinkle Motorcycle Jacket below.

The Crinkle Motorcycle Jacket features crinkle matte faux leather, so it won’t look like you’re trying to hard to be perfect. Plus, as it is faux leather and the brand is Charlotte Russe so it’s absolutely affordable. Add a big black clutch and your favorite black pumps and you’re ready to make asplash. If you still feel like you need a more rocker look, remember that studded belts are in this fall.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"


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  1. oo thanks for sharing

    i really like taylor style :]


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