Friday, August 28, 2009

Beauty Solutions: How to Buy a Hair Dryer

Ion Anti-Frizz Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

Transforming soaking wet hair into a swingy, sexy style takes more than an arsenal of good hair products: You need a super speedy hair dryer that can absorb the water lickety-split. Thankfully, the latest technology in hair dryers has made damaging dryers a relic of the past. Now, you can go from wet to dry in warp speed and in the process, get healthy, silky smooth locks. Read on to see what's the best buy for getting dry:

Wattage: The measurement of the blow dryer speed. Most dryers have wattages between 600 to 2000 watts. Thinner hair requires a lower wattage than thicker, more textured strands.

Weight: The weight of hair dryers can vary; some weigh in at only half a pound, others go up to three. If you've got long locks, you'll probably want a hair dryer that's on the lighter side, to keep you arm from getting tired.

Settings: Dryers have at least two speeds: low and high. Hi-tech dryers have even more speed/heat settings, a cool button to "cool off" and set a finished style, and a turbo feature that increases heat and airflow instantly.

Technology: Ionic, tourmaline and ceramic are the latest technologies being touted; most cut drying time in half, and keep hair healthy.

Attachment: A part that fits onto a nozzle of a hair dryer; different attachments yield different results, i.e. a smooth style or a curly one.

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