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Beauty Solutions: How to Buy Mineral Makeup

BABOR Mineral Bronzing Pearls - 02 Medium

Mineral makeup is getting a lot of buzz lately, but why all the hype? Devotees rave about the green aspect-no preservatives or chemicals-but also the lightweight feel, good-for-your-skin ingredients, and how naturally gorgeous your face looks after one brushstroke. Sensitive skin types are embracing minerals as well, because of the claims that these formulas won't irritate like traditional makeup. The good news is mineral makeup is everywhere these days; more and more beauty companies are adding it to their lineup. Chances are your favorite makeup brand has dipped its brush into minerals, too. If you're ready to give mineral makeup a whirl, here's the guide to getting the goods.

Minerals: The makeup is all or partially made from finely ground minerals like, mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide found in the earth. It's usually free of dyes, preservatives, and chemicals that are found in traditional makeup.

Texture: Foundations, blushes, bronzers and shadows are usually a loose powder form, so that you can blend and buff the powdery particles into skin. Other textures-like lipsticks, pressed powders and creams-may contain minerals but aren't necessarily chemical-free.

Shades: For the loose powder foundation, you can blend a variety of shades to achieve your perfect match. Remember, the look is sheer rather than matte.

Packaging: For on-the-go touch-ups, look for the brush filled with powder combo. Most companies package the formula in shakers-small pots with holes on top so you can shake out the powder.

Brush: A fluffy brush is crucial to "buff and build" the powder formula. By buffing or swirling the brush onto skin, you build color and coverage.

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