Friday, August 14, 2009

Hair Solutions: Remedies for Dry Hair

Are you suffering from dry, damaged hair? If so, you may want to reconsider braiding, coloring, excessive blow-drying, swimming and overshampooing your dry hair.

Those suffering from dry, damaged hair will be amazed at the benefits of good basic hair care on a regular basis.

There are specialized shampoos, conditioners and treatment products, which can ideally care for your dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Basic hair care includes Korres Sunflower Extract and Vitamin F Shampoo to cleanse and Korres Silk Milk Conditioner for colored and chemically treated hair to condition. No question about it, daily environmental stress and exposure can harm and effect even the healthiest strands. Daily use of Korres Yogurt Cooling Gel can assist in protecting your hair from UV damage. Once a week, treat your hair to nourishing vitamins and conditioners with Korres Shea Butter & Vitamins Nourishing & Hydrating Hair Mask.

Another option would be to use PureStrength Three-C System for Extremely Dry, Damaged Hair. Dry, damaged hair is often a result of over-processing with harsh chemical treatments that leave hair looking dull, lifeless and very dry. This trio of hair care products instantly targets damaged cuticles leaving hair visibly stronger, hydrated and more manageable. If you find that your ends are a bit fuzzy, use Korres Rice Proteins Hair Tip Serum to smooth them down without worry of a heavy silicone residue.

Here are some at home remedies you can use to help moisturize and repair your dry, damaged hair:

Bananas: Using two mashed bananas and half beaten curd, apply this paste to your hair and scalp, and leave in for 15 minutes. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

Olive Oil: Putting olive oil onto the hair in sections and covering your hair with a cap will help add moisture to the hair.

Mayonnaise: They say that mayonnaise makes an excellent conditioner for your hair.

Liquid Fabric Softener: By using only a small drop of liquid fabric softener, you can detangle your hair and soften it.

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  1. Wow very informative, love the tips..and oMGsoo didnt know liquid fabric softner could use to help some1 with dry hair , pretty cool

  2. what exactly is curd? I'd like to try that paste. Thanks!

  3. Hi Melanie

    Curd is found in dairy products such as curd cheese and milk. It's the part of milk that coagulates when the milk sours or is treated with enzymes.You should be able to find this at your local supermarket.

    Also, if you have hair problems let me know so that I can provide you with my hair solutions.


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