Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reality Check: Project Runway, Season 6, Episode 1

Last week, season 6 of Project Runway premiered on the Lifetime Network, giving reality show junkies and fashionistas across the country a new reason to cancel their Thursday night plans and tune in to prime time television. When a new cast of equally talented designers, some traveling as far as Kansas City and Minnesota, all converged on New York City's fashion district. The brilliant and beautiful Heidi Klum spared no expense in welcoming them in. After spanning their spacious new apartment, the giddy cast mates were invited on to the roof where Tim Gunn and Klum greeted them with flutes of bubbly.

But the royal treatment came to an abrupt halt when Gunn and Klum announced the designers' first challenge; to create a red carpet worthy look that expressed each designer's unique point of view. The budget was $200 with a deadline of two days, and the cast hurried to Mood Fabrics.

This season's cast boasts an eclectic mix that is sure to bring lots of surprises and, of course, drama. The threat of elimination became immediately and personalities begin to flare as the cast realized that their dresses would either make or break their chances.

First, there is Johnny Sekalis who tried out numerous times, but had to battle his drug addictions before finally landing a spot. After four sketches and a few failed sewing attempts, Johnny lost his cool and wondered if the pressure would be too much to handle. After a quick pep talk from Gunn, he was ready to kick his demons. He ended up producing a glamorous dress that he envisioned an actress wearing to her movie premier.

Next we have Mitchell Hall, fresh from design school, who wants to create a flowy dress that is reminiscent of a heroine in a Victorian novel. But after spending hours "smocking" the collar and front of the dress, he realizes that his model is actually five inches taller than he had been told. He scraps the majority of the dress and, with little time to spare, stitches completely sheer fabric around his model, resulting in what looks more like a nightgown than a red carpet gown.

But when it came down to business, Klum and her assemblage of fashion royalty (Nina Garcia, fashion director at Marie Claire and designer Michael Kors) decided to eliminate the quirky Kansas City native, Ari Fisher and her avant garde style. Her inability to focus and channel her creativity resulted in a silver dress that resembled a space-age soccer ball and, in the end, sent her packing.

And on a brighter note, it was the inexperienced Christopher Straub, who stole the show with his edgy yet youthful black cocktail dress, winning him immunity in the next challenge and hopefully a couple nights of restful beauty sleep. Be sure to tune in to Lifetime tonight at 10p.m. for Episode 2!!

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- Erin

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