Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look Book: Old Navy Fall Wardrobe for Under $160

Sometimes fashion for Fall can be a little complicated. The weather tends to play tricks. Monday might be fall, Tuesday might be Winter, Wednesday might be Spring, Thursday might summer and Friday might be a combination of all of them. That's why you will need a really well diverse wardrobe. Old Navy has some really nice foundational pieces on which to build a well organized Fall wardrobe.

When you think Fall, you must think Jeans. They had their well-earned rest during the summer months and now they must come back. These particular ones, Women: Women's The Sweetheart Wide-Leg Trouser Jeans - Rinse B , have a dark wash that is oh-so-chic for day, night and even for work. Wide legs are back in full force this fall and, what’s more, these jeans’ back pockets have buttons as a detail, which is great if you want to look like you have a little more booty than you actually do but you don't want something that's too obvious. For your comfort and great fit, they sit at the waist and for you wallet’s “comfort”, they are only $17.99

To go with your jeans and everything else, think this 100% cotton
Women: Women's Cropped Canvas Peacoats - Khaki? In either peacock green or khaki, this kind of coat is a must have. It’s forgiving to your figure while giving you a hint of 60's glamour. It’s cotton as opposed to a wool blend, so it won’t be extremely warm. That means that you can wear it often, just changing the kind of clothes you wear underneath it. It retails for $34.50

Speaking of clothes to go underneath your jacket, how about this pretty sweater dress, the Women: Women's Scoop-Neck Sweater Dresses - Earthly? It's made of a blend of cotton, wool and acrylic so it's pretty warm for those Fall nights or those days that look more like winter than summer. It comes in this beige color and in black. The scoop neck provides a sexy avenue for showing off your fall bling. A pair of boots or closed to shoes and you’re ready to go. For a more Rock Chic look, why not go for this dress in Black and pair it with Ankle Boots? As it’s only $34.50 you can spend a little more on that pair of boots; sounds nice to me.

Some days just aren’t skirt days, so you need another pair of pants other than jeans. Try these pinstripe pants that are on sale right now for $29.50, the
Women: Women's Essential Wide-Leg Trousers - Gray Stripe
. They are machine washable so you won’t need to go rushing to the dry cleaners if you need to clean them and the Italian pocket (which is what those almost vertical side pockets are called) just make you look powerful. Great with heels and that pair of boots I just talked about. Wear them with some of the items I’m going to talk about next.

The preppy look seems to be back and nothing is peppier than an argyle cardigan like Women: Women's Argyle V-Neck Cardigans - Blink Pink Plus, it’s professional enough to be worn to work. If you wear a lacy top underneath it and jeans, you can just turn your cardigan into a sexy outfit for a date. Hot pink would be my color of choice but the yellow one is surely awesome too. I’d get them all, but to keep within my $200 budget, I’ll just opt for the pink one, which is $24.50. Just remember to stay away from pearl necklaces while wearing argyle as it might be a little too much.

I know a number of people who would not be caught dead in argyle for many reasons. If you are like them, then don’t let that keep you from getting a cute new cardigan as I have yet another suggestion for you: Women: Women's Cropped Pointelle Cardigans - Tin . This lovely cropped cardigan hits at the waist and has a deep V-neck. This makes it particularly good for girls with bigger boobs no matter what they decide to pair it with. If your boobs aren’t that big you can just wear a top that shows off you assets underneath it. It retails for $24.50

Shirts are in this season but they are always a good item to have in your wardrobe. For instance, look at this Women: Women's Classic Button-Front Shirts - Light Yellow They provide a sure bet when you can’t figure out what to wear and, plus, guys like to see girls wearing tops with buttons. Don’t laugh, I’m just saying. If I had to describe button down shirts in one word only, that word would be versatility. Some colours are on sale so I picked the baby yellow one for $9.99. The grey one isn’t on sale but it’s as cute as this one.

As I said before, Fall weather likes to play tricks on people so when the sun decides to visit, you should be prepared with a pair of sunglasses. These are embellished on top and cost only $5. As the sun is not so strong during this season, you can wear grey or brown lenses and still protect your eyes.

After all of this I came in at $157.47. If you opt out of the argyle sweater. That should leave you with enough money to spend on the "Shoe Of The Week".

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