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Always For Me Swimwear

Here I am again, talking about summer. Today I’ll introduce you to Alwaysforme. You may have seen or read about it in tons of different fashion magazines. Their goal is to provide fashionable plus size swimwear for women all over. Their sizes range from 16W up to 26W – the W after the size means they’re Women’s Cut, so there's more room in the much needed spaces. Alwaysforme is big on swimsuits and the lovely swim dresses but they also have a small selection of extremely sexy lingerie.

My favorite way to shop around Alwaysforme is to use the coolest feature they have – shopping by body type. If you need a little bust-enhancing look at these examples I have for you.

This Ocho Rios Twist One Piece Bandeau is young and fashionable. You know how much I love polka dots, right? The straps are removable which is a plus for those who hate tan lines. This particular model has padded bra cups but no wires so which is ideal for those who don’t have full breasts or firm boobs. Also, it will minimize your waist and tame your tummy. What more can you ask for?

If you’re curious about swimdresses, The Natal Halter Swimdress With Ring may be just right for you. Its fully lined, which is important to ensure durability and quality, minimizing the waist and the hips. It has a tummy tamer and will really improve the looks of your cleavage. Besides, nobody can go wrong with a red swimsuit. Enough of black and turquise, they are much too boring!

If, on the other hand, you wear a C cup or up, you’ll need something with some more support and Alwaysforme has something for you.

I know I just said two paragraphs ago that black and turquoise swimsuits were boring but this one may very well be the exception that confirms the rule. This is one of my favorite pieces from the site. The Miraclesuit "Escape" Hidden Underwire One Piece has an underwire to provide great bust support but it’s also in a plunging form to make your décolleté look awesome. This particular style also has a tummy tamer and waist minimizer. The manufacturers say that you’re garanteed to look 10lbs thinner and that can’t hurt, can it?

Another One Piece Bandeau Swim Suit, but this time in a lovely Coral; but in pictures, seem more like a lovely Hot Pink. You can find it in turquoise, black and brown. However, the coral swimsuit has extra lining since it’s lighter. You don’t want to risk it becoming transparent when wet. It can be worn in a halter neck or strapless style and it will minize the waist, hip and stomach area.

I was told by one of the sales assistants at Alwaysforme that the best line is the Carol Wior Brand of swimwear, which was ideally manufactured for larger busted women. All of her suits contain an underwire and are fuller cuts. So you might want to check it out if these are your particular needs.

If Mother Nature was generous with you on your hips and you want to conceal that for a trip to the beach, here are some examples of what you may find at Alwaysforme.

In a cool and fun array of colours, the Two Piece Diva Skirtini might just be the best bet for you this summer. It features adjustable straps, tummy tamer and hip minimizer among other things. This bright yellow called Pineapple will speak for itself.

Another beautiful and sexy option would be the It Figures Boho Bandeau Tankini with Brief. The pattern is just too cute as it is, but to add more flare, it’s available in two gorgeous color combos. Straps are removable so if you have large hips and large boobs, this might be just right for you.

As you probably already noticed by now, if you’re looking for specific tummy tamers and waist minimizers, most, if not all, of the swimwear over at Alwaysforme have this attribute. However, if you’re still looking for the right solution, here’s some more of my picks.

Busy patterns don’t always work and I advise against them most of the time if you're trying to conceal something, but this time it worked great. Novelty One Piece Twist Front Bandeau looks pretty and comes in Hot Pink and Blue. It has a street inspired graffiti print on the front and is solid on the back to balance things out.

Still looking into prints; a Kingston Print is always classic but attention calling. As the manufactures themselves put it, "the top provides incredible support with a sewn in soft foam cup bra with extra floating mesh material under the cups and on the side of the cups for total support and comfort. This plus size suit is fully lined and is extremely flattering." Plus, it’s on sale.

Alwaysforme also has a vast choice of cover-ups so if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to check them out.

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