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Look Book: Smooth Sailing Navy Chic

Navy Pier Dress

Longshoremen lookout! This adorable,sleeveless, scoop-neck Navy Pier Dress will have heads turning along the shores of Lake Michigan. Featuring a delicate pleated bodice, button detailing, pinstripe trim and peak-a-boo ruffled lining, this frock is perfect for an afternoon stroll along the dock with your sweetie.

Seafaring Necklace

Welcome aboard, matey. We're setting sail for excellent nautically-inspired fashion adventures whilst you be wearing this bewitching deblume. With this $15.99 Seafaring Necklace, you'll be the fairest maiden on the high seas, if you live to tell the tale!

Coach Cc11788b4cb Women's Leather Handbag

This patent leather satchel from Coach's Madeline collection is anything but boring. This classic handbag features smooth, graceful stitching, world class leather, and a nice and stylish look that will pair perfectly with a scarf which will increase its beauty at par. This leather handbag is fit for evening outtings, picnics, shopping and cruising the waves with your captain.

Rae Heel - Grey Leather

Wow a crowd every time in these lavish heels by L.A.M.B. Rae outshines the rest with seven lovely leather straps placed across the center. But what makes this shoe extra special is a feminine blue leather flower that sits on the outside. A sexy back zipper and 4 ½ inch heel are a killer combo.

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Health and Beauty Alert - Blepharitis

Health and beauty walk hand in hand so I couldn’t just sit here and talk about the latest fashion and the coolest makeup and not give you an alert when I feel it’s really important. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the lash follicles at the eyelid margins. The cause is excess growth of bacteria that is normally present on the skin. And why exactly this excessive growth of bacteria happens? More often than not, it occurs due to poorly removed makeup. Its not the only cause but nowadays is the most common - infecting more women than men.

Blepharitis is often mistaken by conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pink eye) because people aren’t aware of how common it is. If you’re eyelids are crusty, swollen, itchy and burning, appear red or if you feel like you have sand on your eyes when you blink, you may have this eyelid infection. The loss of eyelashes can occur in some cases. Technically, this isn't an eye lid infection even though that is it's most common name.

If you have two or more of these symptoms, please call your doctor. If not treated right away, this condition can ultimately lead to injuries of the eye tissue and even scarring of the eyelids. I bet its as bad as it sounds. You’re doctor will give you a treatment that will include a careful daily cleansing of your eyelids. Just because you had this condition once, it doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever since there is a cure and it is preventable.

If you’re scared already and would like to avoid having Blepharitis happening to you, remove your eye makeup carefully everyday. Also, never, under any circumstances, use makeup testers that you’re not 100% sure are sanitary. I’ve seen girls go in to stores, pick up mascara testers and apply it on to their lashes just like that. It looks gross, it feels wrong and it isn’t healthy; not one bit!

Protect yourself from nasty bacteria with Beauty So Clean. Created by professional makeup artists, this revolutionary cosmetic product line cleans, rejuvenates and removes bacteria from cosmetic products without altering your makeup. Their cosmetic sanitizer wipes and mists are great for cleaning mascara wands, lipsticks, lip glosses eye pencils, makeup brushes, cream and powder-based products. At $15 for 48 wipes; not only are they disposable and convenient to carry in your back pocket - in just seconds, they're 100% effective. By eliminating infectious germs and bacteria, a $15 8 ml sanitizer mist will extend the lifeline of your cosmetic products - saving you hundreds of dollars annually!

We all have days where we'll go home, fall on the bed and not even want to take our clothes off to sleep. My tip to you is to keep some makeup remover wipes on your nightstand. On the days when you just don’t feel like moving one more muscle, one wipe will go a long way.

If you are not convinced that you should purchase cosmetic sanitizers and makeup removal wipes, just think of the various bacteria and potential infections that are lurking in your makeup bag and face. Remember that for every night you sleep with makeup on, your skin will age a week. Just do the math and don’t forget to invest in cosmetic sanitizers and to remove your makeup nightly.

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Staff's Pick - Presents to Give to a Man

This year when choosing a birthday gift for a guy, it doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Guys are pretty simple and easy going: just think of something he'll use often such as a phone, electrical shaver, or ipod. Monica perfers purchasing something that has meaning. It has to be something useful and for him to enjoy with others. She recommends purchasing a Wii Video Game System, or a pair of tickets to a concert or major sporting event!

The Family Ready Wii Video Game System.

She may sound really old fashioned, but Micky still believes that one of the most elegant gestures a man can make is to reach inside his pocket and lend a lady a pen to take a quick note. Micky always carry around a small notebook but she's also prone to forgetting to bring a pen to write with. A nice pen is not only useful to lure in the opposite sex but its especially handy if he’s a businessman. For instance, if you’re giving a pen to your sweetheart, you can bet he’ll remember you with love every time he uses it to sign an important contract and the same goes for any men in your family. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of giving a pen to your boss, you’ll be giving him something that he can actually use - keeping it strictly work-related and appropriate. He'll consider your gift when writing up your annual performance evaluation. If the guy you're giving the gift to is still in school, a pen is also something he'll use everyday. Maybe a less expensive but modern and elegant ballpoint pen would be better pick in this situation.
Micky has seen pens that cost more than a car, but since that’s way out of most budgets for gift giving, here are a couple of ideas for you.

For a less expensive pen that looks so great no one will ever know its on sale, you can go for a Zebra Jimnie Clip Ballpoint Pen. For $18, this retractable ballpoint pen delivers neat, accurate lines with smooth flowing ink. What more can you ask for?

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to spend a little more, Micky suggests getting a beautiful Waterman Harmonie Chrome Fountain Pen in Blue and Grey. You can never go wrong with this classy model. Its not too heavy, so writing with it is easy. Fountain pens require a little getting used to, but it’s worth it.

Do you cringe every time you see a well-dressed guy wearing a hideous pair of sunglasses? For Erin, there are few things more devastating in life. Seriously, Erin has an irresistible urge to yank him into the nearest Sunglass Hut and give him an immediate update!

Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses

Instead of leaving these innocent and unsuspecting fellows prone to her irrational urges, give your favorite guy a gift he will definitely thank you for. This season, Erin's favorite shades are Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster. They have an interesting, retro shape that will flatter any face's shape. Available in classic black and tortoise as well as eight other colors, such as Cobalt Blue and Red Marble, there’s bound to be a pair to suit every guy’s style. These glasses, at $139.00, come with Ray-Ban’s infallible legacy of superior quality and uses the best technology to protect your eyes from UV radiation. Give your guy a timeless classic that he’ll be able to appreciate for years to come. It’s one piece of fashion advice he’ll surely accept

Protect your favorite guy from skin irritations and soothe him over with the gift of Korres!

Korres Absinthe Heady Shave CreamKorres Marigold and Ginseng After Shave Balm

He’ll enjoy the Absinthe Heady Shave Cream. This luscious cream will help his razor glide - ensuring a deep and comfortable shave. As a brushless non-foaming preparation, Absinthe shave cream is formulated at a milder pH than lathering creams, thus preventing skin roughness. Try pairing the shaving cream with Korres' Marigold and Ginseng After Shave Balm. This works as a perfect light-textured balm for after-shave care for men. The Ginseng extract will enables delivery of water and nutrients to the skin, thus improving its tonicity and firmness. Active Aloe and Pro-vitamin B5 will soothe his post-shave rashes while helping to moisturize his skin.

Chronograph Black Dial Watch

Time is the most precious thing in the world – and what better way to value the precious moments you spend with him than with a stylish timekeeping toy? Whether he’s a frequent traveler, executive, or hunter any man can use a great wristwatch. If you need a reasonably priced men’s gift that’s good for all occasions try Fossil’s Chronograph Black Dial Watch. Classic in any context - this sporty, yet sophisticated $95, black Chronograph will seamlessly take him from work to the gym to an evening out with you in no time.

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Monica, Micky, Erin, Suzanna

Beauty Solutions: How to Buy Facial Moisturizer

Daily Facial Cleanser

Dermatologists agree: A twice daily dose of moisturizer can make your skin look supple, feel soft, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. But with so many moisturizers doing double duty-hydrating and treating your skin-it's easy to miss what's right for your face's needs. Thankfully, you can save your skin and sanity with these tips. Read on to find the perfect moisturizer to give your skin a radiant, healthy glow 24/7:

TEXTURE: Most moisturizers usually come in these forms: a lotion, a gel or cream. What you need depends on your skin type and preference. If you're oily, then you'll want a lotion that doesn't clog pores or feel greasy. If you're very dry, you'll want a cream that sinks into skin and feels hydrating going on.

FORMULA: The formula you choose is based on your skin type and most moisturizers are labeled that way. Dry? Look for a moisturizer that specifically targets your thirsty skin, usually packed with richer, hydrating ingredients than a formula for normal types. Oily? Focus on an oil-free, noncomedogenic or matte formula that simply adds a touch of hydration without extra oil. Normal? You can try almost any formula just make sure it's not too rich, which can cause pimples.

TREATMENT: Some moisturizers are overachievers; not only do they hydrate, but they also contain special ingredients like peptides and extracts to combat sagging skin, firm up wrinkles and lines, or brighten a dull tone. Some are backed by scientific research or a dermatologist's endorsement. Zero in on your skin's concerns and look at the moisturizer's claims before you make the decision to buy it. Then give it a whirl for at least a month to see significant results.


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