Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrity Makeovers: Susan Boyle

Overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle is taking the world by storm. She shocked the world with her unbelievable performance on “Britian’s Got Talent”; silencing the snickers from both judges and audience members. Now the 47 year old Boyle is silencing those who’ve been making fun of appearance with this remarkable makeover. Susan has rid herself of the frizzy hair and bushy eye brows and replaced it with a new do, wardrobe upgrade that’ll bring on a new attitude.

"She looks 10 years younger," said Toni Jones, assistant fashion editor at The Sun tabloid newspaper, which featured the new look Boyle on its cover Friday.
"Compared to what she had, it's a 200 percent improvement. But our readers think this is as far as she should go. We want her to stay one of us."

Some are afraid that her new look will jeopardize her authenticity but I’d continue to root for her: it doesn’t come any realer than Susan, who admits to never being kissed. After getting a load of her now, you’ll be certain to double back in admiration. I’m excited for her and proud that she had the courage to reach for her dreams regardless of what others thought of her. I usually don’t get excited over many things but her story definitely touched me. She’s another example of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Let this be a lesson that beauty is only skin deep; confidence in self is what really matters!
All of a sudden I have a sudden urge to listen to Show Stopper by Danity Kane **grin**

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