Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People

Offender: Mario

This week we have our first male offender: Grammy nominated actor/ singer Mario Barrett. He performed at NYC’s B.B. Kings wearing nothing on his head. Yes ladies, he’s completely bald. As if his wide nostrils weren’t killing me already, he decides to expose his extraterrestrial-sized head.

I’m wondering why he would decide to go through with it when we all know that this isn’t his most flattering look. Doesn’t he look like a complete fool? I would suggest that Mario get a metal cap to go over his bullet head while he controls magnets like Magneto, because that’s the only way he’ll get platinum with this getup. Is this his way of taking Chris Brown’s spot? What’s up with celebrities and bad hair experiments nowadays?

Another celebrity do-do. SMH. I Just Can’t………………………

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