Monday, April 13, 2009

Pastry Kicks Off Mall Tour

Aventura Miami

Oh April 8, 2009, Vanessa and Angela Simmons stopped at my favorite shop stop in Miami; the Aventura Mall for their Rock The Mall Tour. It’s their nationwide mall tour showing off their new clothing and shoe designs. In tow were Keri Hilson, Tiffany Evans, and Trina. A lot of people were in attendance and the Keri Hilson performance was great. I was digging the fact that they picked girls out of the audience to model their latest Pastry wear and keep it afterwards.
Here are the videos:

Side Note: Why didn’t they get their friend on their show Daddy’s Girls to perform? Isn’t she an aspiring singer? Oh well.

Although I’m not into Pastry Kicks – I am a fan of the Simmons’ sisters. This was a definitely a creative marketing endeavor and good look for the girls!


  1. I was there but didn't get a good view...I love Keri Hilson, she is takin ova & I love Angella & Vanessa too, they're crazy & creative. The cousin looks way much cuter in person!

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  3. Keri is the TRUTH! She sounds good live and is always Herself, at least from interviews I've seen. I hope she can dethrone all these overly processed (b)divas.


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