Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lil Kim says

He love me longtime!

Plastic pint-sized provocateur Lil Kim has been getting rave reviews for her performances on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” When caught up with her, the rapper/ entertainer expressed both her appreciation and admiration for designer extraordinaire Marc Jacobs. (In a faux valley girl accent) Kim says that while she was locked up serving 10 months in jail in 2006 (on perjury charges); she found comfort and support in Jacobs’ letters. Apparently, he was her pen pal.

“He's one of my best friends and was actually a huge supporter when I was in prison," Kim said in an interview with "He wrote me every week! " I decided to buy a coloring book – I'm a huge Bratz fan – and I painted the Bratz and made them all wear Marc Jacobs, and sent it to him. He blew it up and framed it, and now it's hanging in his house. So Marc Jacobs is the best." I heart Jacob for this; there’s nothing like a true friend to pick you up when you’re down!

As odd as this couple may seem (that a high end designer such as Jacobs has time to write jail texts), their relationship is more than a Fashion Week friendship. They may not party occasionally or get mani’s and pedi’s on Fridays, but Jacobs and Kim are truly BFFs. In 2005 Jacobs designed photographic Lil Kim T-shirts to assist The Door, a New York NPO that helps at-risk inner city youths. Jacobs wanted to give back to the same NPO that supported Kim when she was a little girl in need.

Awww…………that’s what friends are for. I’m all teary-eyed. Somebody get me a tissue !

Mean while, somewhere (in a Brooklyn basement) her nemesis Rapper Foxy Brown is sending “Break a leg Kim” texts to DWS’ text voting line. Shame – Shame.

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