Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People: Beyonce

Offender Caught Clowning Around!

Beyonce made a tour stop in Vienna, Austria yesterday. Wearing sheer tank, J Brand jeans and silver Yves Saint Laurent boots, Sasha Fierce looked like Sasha Mess! This getup wasn't made for her and her stylist should have known better. Doesn't Beyonce look like a high-end clown (and I'm being nice when I say this)? This is a definately a fashion faux pas for B. There's no fooling me; I don't care how much this look cost her -- it's a no-no! Is this another case of "It looks better on her than me" for Beyonce because Rihanna pulled it off just a few weeks ago and did a fabulous job.

When Fashionwithfifi asked what you thought of Beyonce's look, here's what was said:
"She looks [like a] hot mess! It looks like she has no shape, and her pants aren't fitting [her] right" - Carlos in Brooklyn, NY

Ladies I know you adore and her style, but do not seek inspiration from this look (not her version atleast)! Dressing like this in public will definately keep you single [even if you're not trying to be].


  1. I noted those shoes during the Spring 09' fashion shows; they look madd uncomfortable, kinda like your feet are a caged bird trying to escape lol :)

  2. the hat gotta go and the shoe are ugly everthing else I can work with

  3. But how is it that Beyonce has fashion lines and is soo involved in fashion yet she constantly ends up on the worse dressed lists, oh no she didnt lists and bad fashion lists? hmmm i guess its a hit or miss thing with her, pls BK stay in your safety zone, or consult ur mother before leaving the house a hot mess !


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