Friday, April 10, 2009

Make Up Your Mind Missy!

Smokey Eye Look

Yesterday I got all glammed up to go shopping in the city (that’s what Brooklynites refer to Manhattan as) and decided to put on a Smokey-eye look while on the B train. Earlier that day I was running behind schedule and didn’t have time to apply on makeup before stepping out. I missed the express (Q) train, and figured what the heck – just do it while on the way. With little primer in tow I pulled the Smokey eye look in just minutes; then I worked backwards and applied foundation and lip gloss. I accidently left my concealer at home, but was able to pull this look off with the assistance of some random guy on the train. He kept looking at me so I asked him to hold up a mirror for me while I went to work. He was the perfect assistant: followed directions well, extremely helpful and we chatted about makeup. Believe it or not I didn’t get his name. But when I got off the 34th Street/ Herald Square stop I saluted him a bon voyage. I stopped at Forever21, try on some tops and vogued for the camera while in the fitting room.

Here’s what I’m wearing
Concealer: I’m not wearing any remember!?!
Foundation: NARS Oil Free Foundation in Trinidad (Of all foundations that I’ve used thus far this one matches my skin perfectly!
Primer: NARS Makeup Primer SPF20
Eye Shadow: Sephora’s Smokey Eye Palette
Mascara: Benefit Cosmetic’s BADGal Waterproof Mascara in Black
Lips: NARS’ Duo Lip gloss in Orgasm/ Hustler….. The color that I’m wearing is Hustler
Eye Pencil: Anastasia’s Perfect Brow Pencil in Ultimate Brown

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