Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Window Shoppping

H & M and BCBG

Today while on my fashion and beauty endeavors uptown (5th Avenue), I decided to do a little window shopping. I mean who doesn’t window shop?! Not only am I a bargain shopper, but I’m a visual shopper as well. Believe it or not – visual displays are extremely important in the retail industry. It tells the consumer a lot about what the store has to offer for the season and tells a story of the look as well. Sometimes, I like to window shop first then depending on the visuals - browse inside on another day because nowadays I just don’t have the time to waste in stores (with the crowding and long lines). There are days when I’m committed to shopping online and there are days when I’ll commit to at least 5 hours B&B (browsing and buying). And today I did both. With that said, here are some Spring Visuals from two of my favorite stores H & M and BCBG.

H & M is going with Pastel colors with the casual look. V-neck striped polo’s for the guys alongside skinny jeans and sneakers, which I’m not digging too much. I would keep the polo and add on nice fitted denims or cargo shorts. However; I definitely adore the look on the manikin with the Shamrock belted jacket, pink mini, and although I do not love these black sandals; I do not dislike them either. I would prefer something of brighter color and height. You may not be able to see it well, but the added accessories are amazing. From an angle, they looked like fake fruits. Yummy!

As you can see below, in celebration on their 20 year anniversary, BCBG is focusing on chic V-cuts as far as tops and dresses, along with coral and violet hues. They even have dark hues that’ll look perfect for Spring and Summer as well. I really love the dresses on the display. You can wear it as an evening or day look, depending on how you dress it up or down with accessories.

Big Ups to the BCBG Visual team they did an amazing job!

Randomness: Day26 made an in-store appearance for a meet and greet at the Best Buy on 5th Avenue. The awaiting line was ridiculously long and it was raining; therefore, I really wasn't up for the wait. Instead, I gave some eager teens my spot (in line) and headed off to Lord and Taylor. No Bitchassness for me today!

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