Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celebrity Makeovers:

Aubrey O'Day

Fierce Kitty A. O’Day has always gotten the bad rap as the "Black Sheep" of DK. Hardly one episode of MTV’s Making The Band 4 goes by without someone mentioning just how much of a black sheep Aubrey was (of Danity Kane). More publicity for her I guess, but in today’s society, is bad publicity still considered to be good publicity – let Aubrey be the judge. Say what you may about her raunchiness and playboy poses but the Devil (aka Diddy) made her do it. There are 2 sides to every story and we’re only seeing one so far; therefore, I’m not jumping on the “I Hate Aubrey” Bandwagon just yet. So in an attempt to salvage whatever’s left of her career Aubrey is giving herself a fresh start with a new look. Is it me or does she look strikingly similar to LC from The Hills? Was this done intentionally? If so, you gotta give it to Aubrey for having the perfect timing since the highly anticipated final season of The Hills is now showing.

I’ll let you be the judge: Here's Aubrey new look on the left........ and LC is on the right

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