Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whatever Happened to Them Wednesdays: Shelia E.

Living the Glamorous Life

Growing up as a child everything seemed so simple and worry-free. I miss the 80s: wild hair styles, shoulder pads, spandex, and great music. Remember Shelia E., the beautiful protégé of Prince, who proved that pretty faces are just as talented on the drums as their male counterparts? Shelia has influenced musical performers of all genres. Just like every boy and girl (growing up) during the 80’s, I adored Shelia E. and so did my fiancé, who as a child had a secret crush on her (I can't stop giggling at that). You’re probably wondering whatever happened to her over the years; what has she been up to and is she still living the glamorous life? Well wonder no more – Fifi’s got the scoop!

This glam gal has been a busy bee since exiting Prince’s Purple Rain train. She recorded albums Sex Cymbal, Writes of Passage, and Heaven. In 2002, Shelia made an appearance on Beyonce’s “Work It Out.” She performed alongside Prince at the Coachella Music Festival and on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week. Her recent endeavor was CMT’s Gone Country 3 in which she was crown the winner. Watching her performance on CMT3 gave me goose bumps - Oh Shelia! Although CMT’s Gone Country 3 is over I’m not sure if Shelia has gone country completely but she’s still leading the Glamorous Life after 20 plus years.

I can't imagine how scarey it was for her living under the same roof as George Clinton


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  3. OMG! Kindred Spirits Ladies, Kindred Spirits. I am so glad to have run into you! So I've been going through this Sheila E. Renaissance the past few months myself...I don't even know what brought it on??? But Yes, Sheila E. all day er' day, on the myspace profile player - b_rae_infinite
    quotes on the facebook, you name it! My favorite verse of "Glamorous Life":

    "She thought,
    Real Love,
    Is Real Scary.
    (But) money only pays the rent.
    Love is Forever;
    (and) that's all your Life.
    Love is Heaven Sent...
    It's Glamorous."


    Rock on Sheila E.! And You seen her on the drum kit. All these new age b-diva's ain't got nothin' on True talent, and she STILL looks (naturally) Fierce I might add.

    Nice Selection, I wholeheartedly co-sign!

    B-RAE (We met in Union Square, 4/30/09)

    p.s. - follow my blog

  4. Hi B-Rae. Sheila E was my dream girl back in the days. You've got style


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