Friday, April 10, 2009

Hollywood's Ass Fashion


Pardonne Moi, but I was sooo tempted to post this pic up. Talk about the ultimate ass-fashion faux pas! Guess who's faux ass showed up in short-shorts that looked more like boy shorts to a high end Hollywood furniture store for some much needed (of her and her faux husband) publicity? Before you read on think of how disguisting this pose is. It looks as if she has a tobacco pouch in there. So phoney! Don't you hate it when you see people out in public wearing a getup like this just to get attention -- I mean the nerve of these people!

Did you spit out your drink yet? Well, it was none other than the drama-driven, robotic girlfriend, ultimate frienemy; The Hills' reality star Heidi Montage --- illegally known as Heidi Pratt. Yep, Heidi and her dirtbag manipulator were publicity shopping which is also considered as furnture shopping in Hollywood. Once A-gain Heidi makes an ass of herself.

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