Thursday, April 23, 2009

MTB4 Season Finale:

Talk About Damage

After watching the final showing of MTV’s Making The Band (season 4), I couldn’t help but to shake my head at how things ended for the girls of Danity Kane. What was the real story behind Aundrea’s absence? It’s obvious that there’s a lot of tension between the girls and it would only be right not to continue together for now, but don’t they seem bitter?

Damaged... damaged.... damaged....
Noticed the girls’ body language, the way Dawn switched places with D.Woods in-between a commercial break and their responses when asked if there was a possibility of Danity Kane reuniting.

So how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?
I guess this is deeper than tv: more than what we, as both viewers and fans, can ever imagine. Damaged... damaged.... damaged. However, I was deeply disappointed that they didn’t put the pettiness aside to give their fans a final performance but what would you expect from a bunch of immature girls who have a sense of entitlement?

On lighter note, I’m definitely looking forward to Aubrey’s new reality show.

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