Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Cheap & Chic!

Today I didn’t go anywhere special other than school. Since I had to do a presentation in class, I decided to go for the business casual look. I wore my black pants, new BCX Giraffe-Print Trench and Steve Madden flats that I purchased from Macys last week. Everywhere I went I’ve gotten nothing short of a compliment. I really felt confident, beautiful, and chic in this gorgeous double-breasted coat. From a distance it looks like a dress. Although says that it hits low at the hip that wasn’t the case for me. The sleeves are long and cut off promptly at the hands. This trench is a definite Spring go getter; bright and Pastel hues will compliment it’s black and white contrast. It’s designed to go well with just about anything. I overlooked this beauty at due to the bad stock image; however, when I saw it in store I knew that I wasn’t leaving without it – and here it is! I am glad that I bought this coat. I love it; and with this I will have a Spring affair.

So Here's What I Have On
Coat: BCX Giraffe-Print Trench $25.40
Purse: Large Signature “C” Patent with Black Leather Stripe by Coach (I got it as a gift: under $100 at the Coach Outlet in Sawgrass)

Shoes: Steve Madden “Kappy” flats in black $26.99

Smile: Priceless!

My Total Cost: $52.39 ..... Not Bad


  1. I love your coat... very cute look girl!

  2. Thanks a lot! It looks even better in person.

  3. You mentioned Sawgrass, are you from/frequent Florida? I'm from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale! I told you it was Kismet GYRL! :)


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