Friday, April 3, 2009

Isaac Mizrahi Celebrates at Macy's

Adorable Fashion at Affordable Rates

With job losses at an all time high, it’s becoming more difficult for the average person to keep up with the Jones’. Consumers are pinching pennies and the latest high end fashion items aren’t moving as fast as they used to --- like art collections at a gallery; it seems its purpose is for display only. Second-hand and clearance rack shopping don’t seem that bad after all.
“I want our clothes to be the least expensive thing on the floor,” said Isaac Mizrahi who designs for the Liz Claiborne collection. “How much is Eileen Fisher charging these days?” he asked, gesturing towards a display of $68 T-shirts.

400 plus people were in attendance to see Mr. Mizrahi introduce the revamped price conscience Claiborne line. The line was well received especially since 80 percent of shoppers across all income levels say they would not make a purchase unless it was an absolute necessity.
Ann Taylor and Talbots have been recruiting designers who are able form looks that are appealing to the average consumer. Although there are a few Designers who are slashing prices, many refuse to do the same and bare the loss. Other brands offer more affordable fashion choices at stores such as Target and JC Penny. But have we seen a dramatic increase in sales from those retailers versus to their counterparts?

The question is “are consumers loyal to the brand or are they just fooling themselves?” If more consumers were shifting towards affordable designer fashions and voice their complaints, many Designers would follow suit and cut prices. Use your judgment and voice wisely when shopping – not your credit cards.


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  2. Wow, what happened to the recession. I'm broke right now I'm afraid to look in a Macy's catolog. I wonder how the line looks and the prices there going for


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