Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Faced B-otches Contest

Yes we all know one and we all know how to describe one when we see one. What’s up everybody this is your girl Fifi from and I want you to share your stories about those trifling, lying poor excuses for women that are more commonly referred to as “Two Faced B-otches”. Ladies you know the type that I’m talking about. The type to convince you to leave your man while trying to sleep with him. The type to lie about being sick so everyone can feel for them. The girl that claims to be your best friend, but will expose your most embarrassing secrets when she flips. The ultimate frienemy who smiles in your face but whispers about you when you leave the room. That always want to borrow give back tomorrow chick that’s always missing in action when you need your things back. And we all know at least one drama mama that’s always ready to act out when the spot light isn’t on her. Well this is your chance to air that Too Faced Bitch out and win a prize. Want to know what you’ll win well take a look.

The Too Faced World Domination Tour All Access Backstage Beauty Collection. It contains everything you need to glow like a star. Packed to the brim with products, this kit is enough to satisfy even the most veteran of makeup maestros. Mix and match eight Eye Shadows, a Duo Bronzer, a Face Illuminator, six Lip Glosses, a Brow Powder, an Eyeliner Cake, and a Blush. Added bonus? The kit is decorated so chic, it might just become your vanity or bathroom centerpiece.

It’s easy to enter and win, this is how. Join my Fashion circle. It’s free and it takes less than 30 seconds to join. Then click on the Two faced B-otch contest link on the upper right hand side of this page. Lastly post a comment telling me about your run in with a two faced b-otch. It’s that simple. Contest runs through April 30th and a grand prize winner will be selected from the fashion circle. Although there’s only one grand prize winner everyone will receive a 50% off sale items link From Charlotte Russe.

This contest is open to everyone 18 & older. Shipping is free for U.S. residents currently living in the United States. I can’t wait to read your entries so hurry up and send them. For more on this contest click here to contact me.


  1. OK!! here I go with My Two Faced B-otche Story!I had what I considered a Good friend in High School. Senior year she left because she ran away with her boyfriend but we still kept in touch. So like a year later she had a baby. we were still cool, I would visit her and everything. So I would spend the weekend with her and the Baby because her boyfriend would not come home(jerko). She would cry and tell me I was so lucky that I was single and that I could do whatever I wanted and stuff, and that I Didn't have problems like her(well she did choose to run away...duh). We were cool and everything then one Day my Mom told me she need to talk to me and she had this look on her face!!! I was like shit what did I do. I come from a Traditional Mexican Strict Home, so I always had to be careful not to get in trouble.... so I was Like crap does she know I pierced my Tongue???? So she starts asking questions like " Do you have a Boyfriend" and if you do you better not be doing anything with him(you'll be a sinner)(hehe).I was like whats going on!!! So she asked me if I was having Sex and I was What The @#$$!! I was Like No way(I was not doing those things because I was afraid my Dad would smell it on me or something)I asked her why was asking me those question and she said that she heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from my so called best friend(who I considered a Sister)that I had an Abortion... and I was like "WHAT" "No WAY". I was like Mom if you don't believe me you can take me to a Dr and they will tell you if I did or not!!! She believed me( of course cause it was not true). She told me see I told you to be careful who your friends are! later I found out My so-called Best Friend was Jealous of me and my free life, and she knew how strict my parents were and she thought she would spread this rumor so they would kick me out he house. I told her what people were saying about the rumor and she said all innocent and Sh!t "who would say stuff like that about you, I'm gonna kick there ass". Now that's a Two Faced Bitch!!!
    Sorry I hope I did this right, I don't know how to post!!! I am in your fashion circle, my Icon is the one with the Eye with Fushia and black eyeshadow!!! Didn't know how to change the my name!!! It has me as RIZftFxjzf3aiM905OV6zO.jv.WA_dVi973t

  2. Yay!! I was able to change my name!!

  3. Ok here is my biacth-ass-ness story! It started with this chick who my bf was cheating with on me. So when I found out, I dumped his ass but this chick kept stalking me, the thing was I had just had a baby by this dude and she was acting like she was the boss of him. Whenever I called to talk to him regarding is child, she would answer the phone and be going off about what time I'm suppose to call him and saying and sending me text about how she doesn't want the child in her presence or even at my ex's home. Now she knows that's is first and only child and she was being a bitch at every time. I solely didn't care that she was with him because he is an assh0%e since he moved to the states but the fact that she had 3 kids by 3 different men and all up in my life whenever it came to my child being around her dad or me conversating about my child with her dad. I mean she stalked me everyday, even when she went out of town (from what I've heard). When she came back, she called my phone none stop pessing me about how I brought my child to see her dad when she wasn't there & that can never happen again. Needless to say I didn't budge to mess her up seeing I have a very crazy side especially when you disrespect people who I love especially my child. So I kept my calm thru it all because my friends always said to me KARMA is a bitch. To put a long story short, my ex was only using her ass to get what he wanted from her and he in the end kicked her to the curb and kicked her bad too. He even told her off about how she was acting towards me & our child. He embarass her in my presence and all I could do was lol...she got it coming and I thank God thru the whole process I kept my calm because I was tempted to fight her but I always thought about my child first whenever I am gonna do something wrong or even right!
    The mere conclusion is men will be men, they cheat, they lie and being with him I have no regrets whatsoever, we all learn and as well people change because 4 yrs we've been together, it was cool until the 5th yr he started acting phony. Nevertheless, women who think they are all that because they feel in their minds that they are badass when they take someone else boyfriend, note to them, what you do will always come back around to you and it may come back twice as hard. She really got it both physically and emotionally. Now she knows to keep her words to herself because she will get more on top of it. Ladies know this if a man cheated on his girl with you why won't he do the same with you.


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