Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marc Jacob Fall 2009:

Rebirth of the 80s

For his Fall 2009 Fashion show, Marc Jacob Retrofitted his models with the 1980s look. The decade that is known for sex, drugs, and music brought back to life when Marc used bold hues on his models such as fuchsia, cobalt blue, bright purple, and neon green. “There is a wide variety of color,” said Nars. “It’s whatever looks good on the girl.” Nars’ Larger Than Life Mascara was used to lengthen and define bold lashes. This line will be available in October. “You want to play with makeup,” said Nars. “Makeup is a great accessory; that’s the message.” I like this look, especially on this model. The hues are definitely bright and well defined on her face. There aren’t many cosmetic lines that shows just as good on pale skin as it would on dark, but Nars has once again proven that this line is on top of its game.

For those women of color who are tired of using Mac cosmetics, I would suggest using Nars. Their hues are just as bright but it is less oil based. Nars has yet to disappoint me and kudos to Marc Jacob for revisiting the greatest decade: the 80s.

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