Monday, May 11, 2009

DTWS Semi-Finals: Who's Got Your Vote!

Wow it always seems that the season seems to go so fast with Dancing With the Stars! We are at the final four and it is time to reevaluate who we like and who we really think should WIN! It is the boys against the girls! It is nothing so exciting then watching the battle of the sexes duke it out on the dance floor, flexing their prowes, and sashaying to the finish line. I can't wait!!!!Dancing With the Stars airs later tonight for two hours starting 8pm EST.

We have Gilles Marini and Cheryle Burke, Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower, Melissa Rycroft and Toni Dovoloni, Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas.

Gilles Marini is famous for taking it off in the Sex and the City Movie and for most of the dances has come up either number one or two on the leader board. Besides that he is well-rounded body wise and devastatingly handsome, he can dance! Whether the dances are fast or slow, ballroom or Latin, you are hypnotized by the way he moves, his charisma, and graceful responses to the judges. His dances are consistently sharp, alluring, sexy, soft, on time with the music - well I could go on like some love-sick fool but if you did not see him, don't judge so harshly. He has my vote!

Ty Murray has the "King of the Cowboys" title for riding bulls and horses as well as being an all around cowboy for roping and etc. For most of his dances he has landed towards the middle or bottom of the pack. His dances are complete and he follows all of the rules but he looks stiff and unsure of himself at times. It is almost like he is constipated and just can't wait to get off the dancing horse (did you see his face when he found out that he was moving on and not Lil Kim). He does take criticism from the judges like southern gentleman and even has a joke or two afterwards. I think it is time for him to take off his hat and bow out but his fans (or more precisely his wife's, country/pop singer Jewel's, fans).

Melissa Rycroft was formally a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader but is best for the recent jilted fiance of Jason Mesnick of ABC's The Bachelor. Melissa is currently the reigning champ after being at the bottom of the pack the week before due to an injury. But as always, she has come back fighting with a smile and bounced back with a vengeance to gain a perfect score of 30! For the most part, she has retained the top of the leader board or at least second or third place. She jubilantly dances precisely to perfection on both the Latin and ballroom dances. She has my vote to get to the finals!

Shawn Johnson is well known as 2008's Olympic gold medalist for gymnastics. She has been at the top of the leader board as wells as number two and three on occasions. She has continually danced all of the dances with precision of her calibre. She does a great job with all of her dances but it seems almost mechanical without much emotion which in opinion sets her apart. It seems like when she dances that something is missing. She is very good but she does not have my vote.

This race is so close, it really could be anyone's time to stay or go because they are within a point or two from each other . All have been at the top of the leader board with the exception of Ty Murray. I think Gilles and Melissa have what it takes to go to the finale. Who do you think will go and possibly win?


  1. Hi EE, was this before or after the show?

  2. LilKimmeee this is before the show but it could easily apply for after because we find out today at 9pm EST who America boots out.

  3. How is Shawn Johnson well known? I did not know him before this


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