Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Pratt's Wedding Album

For those of you who passed up on the invite or could care less at the time and is eagered to go through Speidi's wedding album --- here's what went down

There was a decent amount in attendance; considering those who bailed out at the last minute.

From what I hear - initially Speidi's wedding party consisted of more members but they either forgot to show up or got lost on their way and accidentially ended up at Universal Studio. Was L.C. responsible for giving out driving directions?

After bowing his head in prayer, Father pronounced to the world "Dirtbag and wife"

Groomzilla went in for a kiss
Ewwwwwww: my stomach is turning all of a sudden :(

Heidi spotchecked before preparing to throw her bouquet into the crowd. (Heidi) "Let's see, who looks as desperate as I did to get married?"

And the desperata who caught the bouquet was none other than Laguna Beach's mean girl Kristin Cavallari. Who and why was this chic invited anyway? Security!!!!!

Let Them Eat Cake!
Since this wedding was done on a tight budget sponsored by the good ol' folks at MTV, this beautiful cake served as the entree, main course, and desert. Soup and salad were served to the wedding party only.

After the circus event (they call a wedding) ended, Spencer revealed to Heidi that she's been punked. (Spencer) "He-he. Joke's on her!"

And there you have it -- 2009's wedding of the year that was worth missing! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Pratt


  1. they are way to blonde and it's creepy...especially Spencer.

  2. HA! LMAO about the punked caption.


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