Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Date Tips (fashion)

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Going on a first date is stress enough for many of us. Especially when it seems as if we have nothing to wear. If you're like me stressing over your wardrobe can be as nerve racking as the date itself. But hopefully I’ll have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to, at least, make the fashion decision a bit easier.

The first step is obviously to know where you're going. People often choose to go for a coffee or a drink after dinner. In this case, the best is to go for a casual look. The classic jeans (please check my article on jeans if you haven’t found your perfect pair yet), soft cardigan such as this Velvet Abila Cashmere Cardigan and nice blouse would be the safest bet. Remember to make sure your jeans fit you correctly and that your blouse isn’t too revealing. Ruffled blouses are feminine and sexy, yet they don’t show too much. As for shoes, a medium comfortable heel would be the solution for your shoe dilemma. If you want to, you can also opt for a jersey dress that’s not too short and a cardigan (just in case it gets a little cold). If the jersey is made of made of cotton and is more on the medium to heavy side, it will not only be extremely comfortable but also very forgiving to those little flaws you may want to conceal. Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that women dressed in red cause certain chemicals in men’s brains to race, making them to see you as sexy? Not that you need that, but that’s good to know, specially if you're considering this Velvet Junette Dressin Rubi or a similar one.

If he asked you out for lunch during the weekdays, wear what you normally wear for work and don’t give in to the temptation of dressing up to much or else your effort can be too obvious. A really nice pair of movie star sunglasses if it’s sunny outside will add just the right amount of glamour and mystery. How about these AJ Morgan Swan Lake Retro Sunglasses in Grey (only $15.00 can you believe it?)If the lunch date is on a weekend day you can dress in a similar way to the coffee date scenario. Be sure to do your hair in a way that looks soft and nice to the touch and keep it out of your face. Big bold bed hair is a lot of fun but it can scare him a little bit on the first date. You don’t need a real up do, but a half up half down do or clipping your bangs on to the side is a good idea.

To a movie date or a walk in the park, you can have some fashion fun. A printed t-shirt similar to this Anonymous Venice Free Spirit Bird T-Shirt, a floral girly dress and one colorful accessory would be just great. A medium heel for a movie date and flats for a walk in the park and you’re simply perfect.

The typical dinner date can be more complicated. If he’s taking you to a restaurant that you don’t really know, then I’d suggest your little black or white dress without too much accessories. Accessorizing for a first date can be tricky- too many and you’ll look too high maintenance or you can risk looking too simple and monotonous if you don’t have some well-chosen accessories.

First dates on surprise locations don’t really happen a lot but just in case you have one, remember that a little too dressed up is always better than too dressed down but you have to be comfortable and able to walk properly in your outfit. Also, if you’re not sure what to expect, try to go for a minimalist approach to your outfit, don’t show too much skin and by all means wear flats. Check these Triple Play Flat out to get some inspiration.

Before you leave the house, here’s what you should have in your date “nĂ©cessaire” besides what you normally would carry. You may already carry some of these on your day-by-day but a reminder is never too much:
Blotting sheets, small concealer that you can apply with your fingers if you need to, the lipstick and/or lipgloss you’re wearing, chapstick, a new pair of pantyhose identical to the ones you’re wearing (if you’re wearing any), nail file, super glue if you’re wearing heels (trust me, nobody wants a broken heel on a date), tissues, band-aid, aspirin (or what you usually take instead) and a hand mirror. If you wear contacts, remember your contact lenses case and yes, I do advise against small handbags and clutches on dates. I do like bags like this Vera Bradley Sherry for day time.

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  1. Hi Micky. Love the flats. You always pick good things

  2. Hi Alexia. Thank you very much, that's very sweet of you to say :)

  3. Hi Micky, Do you have any promo codes for the flats?

  4. Nice tips for girls. Its useful.

  5. Hi Micky, Are you going to re-post your Jeans article. I wanted to foward it to my sister but I don't see it anymore.

  6. Hi :)
    MUALOVER, I don't, sorry :(
    GMP, thank you :)
    Jas22 Please look at the list on the right or on my page (link on top of the page) because it's still there. I'm glad you liked it and hope your sister likes it too :)


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