Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu - Things You Should Have Done Anyway

I had a scare today!!!!! My one-year-old son has had a fever since Saturday night. Figured it would just work itself by giving him Motrin Infants' Drops and good old fashion mommy's tender loving care because I figured he was just teething. But today EVERYTHING happened at once! He had diarrhea, threw-up on me, gave me his cute cherubin sad puppy dog face that would melt the hardest hearts of mothers, didn't jump or run around the house like he ate a fistful of candy like he normally did and had a TEMPERATURE of over 102!!!

So I quickly made an appointment today with his doctor who thankfully told me that he just has a regular flu. I don't care what anyone says, there is nothing regular about the flu! He did expound by saying that in order for my son to have a teething issue he would have a tempature less than 100. He further explained to me that if it was the Swine Flu (of course I asked) then he would have been exposed by someone who came from Mexico. I said no except for when I saw the two clowns on the left on Extra. He then mentioned posible exposure during daycare. I said no to both, thankfully he is still at home. Nothing was prescribed just to keep doing what I was doing and that he should be better by this Thursday. For inquiring minds, I did ask my son's doctor about the product Airborne which is popular for people not getting sick in germ-filled areas. My doctor said that they recently did testing and Airborne did not stop people from getting the Swine Flu. Hot-dog-it, I already bought it!

So now the scare is over, I did some research, asked some questions, and feel more assured so here are the things that I found out. You may know some but I bet you there is at least one you may not.

1. Wash Your Hands: I know, I know that is what everyone is saying but make sure it last more that just a drip of soap and a second of water, lol. Please 15-20 seconds at least! I know it is not really broadcasted as much but if you are in a public place, please have paper towel or even tissue to open the door with! You don't want to do all of this extra work and then actually get the Swine Flu because someone else did not care about his/her health now do you?

2. Alcohol Based Hand Cleaners: Please don't get any kind of fancy hand gel and say "That is what they said"! The key word is alcohol, lol. They are great in cases of where you can not wash your hands or if you are like my sibling and just lazy!

    3. Keep Your Hands To Yourself: Remember that in elementary school, now it has Merit! Now I know for some of you it is like asking to cut away your arm but legally that is good idea as well. Then you don't have to worry about accidentally touching your mouth and/or nose and then you'll be the star of "Return of the Germs"!

4. Cover Your Mouth and Nose When You Cough and Sneeze: I know someone is saying duh, but there is plenty of people not doing it! If you have either, have tissue to cough or sneeze into and throw it away! You know like immediately.

Please know that the symptoms are just like the flu and if you think you might have been exposed then get yourself checked out, better safe then sorry.

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  1. Thanks for the tips even though I exercise a lot them around the house but didn't know about the alcohol hand sanitizer, gotta read the ingredients of the ones I have. I have a one year old and very terrified by this pandemic.

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  4. Hi EE. I am so glad that he's ok. Thanks for the tips. I didn't know about the hand sanitizer thing


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