Friday, May 15, 2009

When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People: Jennifer Hudson

This morning Jennifer Hudson performed on the Today Show wearing the ultimate Fashion Faux Pas! She looked like a blast from the past that we'd all like to forget. J-Hud wore a red ruffled sleeveless, top and charcoal pleated jeans that were far from flattering. This has got to be the worst case of camel-toe-itis I've seen thus far. It makes you wonder if she had a date planned with Joe the Camel afterwards. I call this her "throw back" look --- throw it back it the closet that is. She had her security in place but where were the fashion police --- why wasn't she red carded?

Due to her size, its very important that Jennifer chooses the right garments that will compliment her figure - which her stylist and fashion team failed to do in this case. I can't believe they let her walk out looking like this - aren't her pre-American Idol days over?!? The only fabulous thing she has on are her shoes. The jeans made her butt appear as flat as a pancake, her over-sized top added emphasis to her big bust line, and her accessories gave her wardrobe a lackluster lift. Accessories are supposed to compliment to your look and not fill a void. With this getup, she's one faux pas away from looking like a train wreck. For someone as fabulous as Jennifer - this is not a good look for the Dream Girl at all. The sad part about this is that Jenny seems as though she's actually feeling this look. SMH. Shame - shame.

I can't bare to see her like this anymore.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give give J-Hud a 5 ... most of that is due to the phenominal performance she gave this morning.

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

- Suzanna

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  1. She's pregnant. Maybe she thought it would hide the bump. I personally NEVER wanted the 80's koolox to make a comeback...


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