Saturday, May 2, 2009

Micky's Secret Weapons

Olá! (That’s how we say hello where I came from.) Maybe you saw that there’s a new contributor to this blog and you’re wondering who is Micky? I am a 21 year old, Portuguese pharmaceutical sciences student. As all the other contributors to this blog, I embrace my love for fashion, cosmetics and art in general and I am here to share it with you. Being that "Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration", I truly believe that everybody has something to teach and a lot to learn and I try to live my life by that motto every single day.

Now that you know who I am I’d like to talk to you about weapons. That’s right, weapons. The weapons YOU have in life. You have your external weapons such as your beauty, you’re sense of style, your smile and that occasional raised eyebrow that tells people they don’t want to mess with you right now. You have your internal weapons such as you intelligence, your skills, the unique way you can handle a confrontation on your work place, the way you can make your best friend smile when everything seems just wrong. And then you have the secret weapons. Of course these are the ones you need to discover by yourself but I’ll give you a hint of one of them- Perfume! That’s right. You can’t see it but all the other senses magically wake up when you smell a lovely perfume.

In my opinion perfume should fit your moods. You’re going on a hot date? A warm, velvet like perfume will make you feel instantly sexy and will put that lovely naughty smile on your lips. I suggest Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss, one of my personal favourites

So it’s a job interview and you’re nervous? A soft and fresh perfume with calming scent to it will give you that extra confidence that shows through. I suggest Gucci II (2) by Gucci

Night out with the girls? A sweet candy like scent will surely give you that hint of fun that’ll get you started on an awesome Lady’s Only night out. (My personal suggestion is Kenzo Amour by Kenzo since it's also a bit sexy and you never know who you can stumble upon...)
My last tip for you is something I read in an etiquette book years and years ago. People should only be able to smell your perfume when they are close enough to kiss you on the cheek.

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