Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fashion Display of Affection

His: white shirt, black jeans, black shoes.
Hers: white blouse, black jeans, black shoes.

His: Navy blue suit, light blue shirt and tie matching her dress.
Hers: Peacock blue mini cocktail dress.

Don’t act like you’ve never seen it. They're everywhare; both in magazines and on the street. When a couple’s outfit matches, is it a form of public display of affection or is it pure and simply lack of creativity?

While some think this is just too much and that all the “showing-off” might not indicate a healthy relationship, others think it’s just too cute and signifies the bond two people share.

It's understandable that the idea was made with good intentions. A couple's worldly declaration of love and interests by attempting to show similar tastes when fashion is concerned.

So where exactly is the middle ground? Complimenting rather than matching is the way to go if you like to dress your man and want to try this “His and Hers” look.

Doing it is very simple. Wear the same kind of fabric, for instance. If he’s in a cashmere sweater such as this one from J.Crew for 64.50$ to 39.50$ (some colours are on sale!!!) why not go for a cashmere cardigan such as this one, also from J.Crew for 49.99$?

Fabric texture and consistency is a very good and fun way to communicate that you’re in the same wave length without being too matchy since it can seem a little high-school-ish.

Another way of doing this is going for complimentary colours. If he’s in a green shirt such as this sage one from Calvin Klein for 52.50$, go for a top or dress that has, say, yellow on it as, for instance, this maxi dress from XOXO which is on sale for 59.25$, as this ensures that when people see you together, they see harmony. Don’t forget that beauty is often described by philosophers and psychologists as symmetry and harmony.

Playing with silhouette can work too. If you’re going for a fitted top, he can do the same, for example. The oh-so-now boyfriend jeans are a nice and easy way to start too.

If you’re planning on going for this his and hers look, here's some key to pull it off:

1- It has to look spontaneous and not like you’ve tried too hard.
2- The easy way to make sure the look works for both of you is by staying minimal and using clean lines.
3- Be subtle. People should look at you and your man and see the whole as a pleasant image and not as if you mirror each other.
4- Complimenting rather than matching. If your dress has a pattern, he can use a shirt with a colour that matches the colour of a little detail on the pattern of your dress.
5- Having trouble finding similar styles for men and women? Try a store that sells clothes for both sexes, since it’s very likely that the styles are similar.

Fashion is foremost inspiration


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  1. I Think couples dressing a like can be cute as long as they're not wearing his & hers denim


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