Saturday, May 9, 2009

Street Walking: 5/8/09

After a week of rain, the sun finally came out yesterday just in time for us to do this week's "Street Walking" segment. As usual, we came across a diverse range of fashion senses. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just unexplainable. But they were all confident which made them stars in our eyes.

Faith - Nature Girl

Lance-Chandler (Maxwell)

It's all about comfort: Whenever, Wherever, Whatever!

Amanda - Sweedish Sweetheart

Mio - Entertainment Photographer

Melissa & Richard

Richards sure knows how to make a statement with his accessories!

"Mohammed The Great"

Tries to prove that men can look macho even in pastel as long as they have the swagg.


A Rebel without a cause

Nicole & Allyson

Friends don't let friends wear junk!

Anna & Tokie


Proudly reveals her fashion secrets “I like to mix high-end with low-end fashion. Believe it or not I’m a bargain shopper… you’d probably never guess that my shoes were from Payless.”

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