Saturday, May 9, 2009

Search For The Best Summer Sandals

I hate looking for things – especially when they’re supposed to be where I last left them. This morning I went on a rant in search of my summer sandals. For some strange reason, I can’t find the handful of sandals I purchased last year. I looked everywhere; underneath the bed, in the closet, behind the door and still no sandals. On the positive side, this gives me a reason to go shoe shopping for sandals! Here’s what I’m getting

Every woman needs a pair of bright white thongs to sachet in – especially foAdd Imager the summer. When I saw this Flipperr Wedge - Whiteleather thong embellished with gold décor, I knew this was the one. Talk about toe-expose’! This sassy 2 inch heel wedge can be worn with just about anything; a short halter dress, long skinny jeans, or relaxed pleated shorts. Not bad for $59.99.

Ramos 2 - Multi Amaretto

I'm not even a wedgey (a women who loves wedges) yet I'm falling head over heels for this bad boy by BCBG. The first thing that attracted me to Ramos 2 - Multi Amaretto is it's intricate color. Muy Caliente! It's not like anything I've seen before from any brand. The funky upper portion is an interwoven leather of cream, gold, tan, and cinnamon brown - completed with brown paint dripping down the heel. I love how BCBG makes sexy wearable heels. $98.99 is a little steep for my budget, but I was sold once I saw the bold golden buckle above the peep-toe. I can't wait to bring on the summer heat with this baby!

They say when in Rome do as the Romans do, and I did just that! Believe it or not; this is my first pair of gladiators and I'm very happy with my pick of Freak Out Sandal by Luichiny for $59.99. Before, I was never the type to go ga-ga over glads - it just wasn't my thing. This was only because I could never find the perfect pair. They were either too wide, too ugly, or too much. Thank god I've found the one! This sleek, leather, open-toe sandal features a beautiful weaving straps in silver. And get this; there's a zipper on the back that makes it easy for you to put it on or off. This sandal is going to be my favorite for summer this year!

Sanfrann in Coral

And finally for both beauty and comfort, I purchased Steve Madden's Sanfrann in Coral. Coral is a great color to wear for the summer. It's bright, bold and goes perfectly with just about any skin complexion - which is one reason why it caught my attention. But when I looked closely and noticed this was a patent leather snake-skin sandal in Coral for $49.99, I knew I was in love. There's no denying that this looped thong is beautiful. It's simply fun, pretty, and still chic - perfect for all summer adventures. I'm going down under with this baby!

I just killed two birds with one stone: I boughtsome much needed summer sanadal and I got rid of that horrible headache. What more could a girl ask for?!?!

"Fashion Is Foremost Inspiration"

- Suzanna

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